Evelin is the founder of EveRi Design Studio. 
She has been surrounded by art and music since she was little. At a young age, Evelin had quite a collection of Barbie dolls, the local seamstress used to give her leftover fabric scraps and she’d sew the outfits for all of them, however, her interest in clothing making was not pursued until her college days.

In high school her main interests were Art & Design and Music, she took Art & Design at college and that was when she realized what she’d like to do.

In 2014 she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design in the United Kingdom, and later relocated to Canada with her family. Evelin has been making custom womenswear since she started university, but she is now very excited to launch her rental line as she believes it is a more sustainable approach to fashion.

EveRi Design Studio is located in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

Facebook: Everi Design Studio
Instagram: @Everi_Design_Studio

Evelin is also a freelance web designer and social media content creator, she loves to work with other small businesses to help them with their digital presence, her portfolio can be found here: www.evelinarimke.com